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Last Post 07/11/2018 11:37 AM by  SWilkins
MSP Releases
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07/03/2018 10:23 AM

    Good morning,

    Question on Lawson MSP releases from Infor. How long after GA do most customers wait to install, trusting most of the major bugs have been worked out?

    We are currently on MSP 10.0.5 and are looking to install 10.0.7 in August 2018. 10.0.8 just came out in May 2018. Not sure if enough time has passed yet with the 10.0.8 release to consider installing rather than 10.0.7. Just curious what "rule-of-thumb" most customers use.



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    07/11/2018 11:37 AM

    The patching rules I try to follow are:

    • CTPs as needed to address regulatory requirements, users issues as they encounter them or if I notice that a lot of customers are talking about or reporting an issue that we haven't encountered yet but does relate to processes/programs that we use in high volume.
    • MSPs only when Lawson releases key functionality that we need/want or we've become so far behind that CTP patching is becoming something we are doing frequently.
    • Version upgrade only when Lawson forces upgrade or release has key functionality that we need/want.


    The reason why I put these off as long as needed is that patching almost always means user testing and the organization has to see a benefit from the new software to justify that labor cost.  Otherwise I think it's best to maximize the return on investment by letting the software just handle the business transactions it was meant to record and let the users focus on their daily work.  If you've got spare time because you aren't patching than look for system improvements (performance) or process improvements (save time or offer new and needed functionality) that you can offer your users.


    That said we're currently on S3 apps version 10.0.6 which was the most recent 'stable' release when we upgraded from 9.0.1 in 2016 and we haven't applied an MSP since.  We had been on the same MSP on 9.0.1 for several years.

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