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Last Post 08/07/2018 8:47 AM by  Kat V
RQC approvals by activity (not by user email)
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08/01/2018 8:23 AM

    Good Day to all you fine folks!!!

    Currently, we use IPA to route REQs for approval to one specific user (via one of the index fields in RQ04) simple and effective..


    However, we have end users that order for different Labs/Depts that use certain activities (grants) and when the user enters the REQ it goes to just that one person and many times this approver has to forward the approval to a different user/approver because they oversee the activity/grant.


    Is anyone in the same situation? and using IPA to route to approver via activity being used?  

    and of course, this would be based on "If the activity is being used"? else, the workflow would be used in it's current state.


    Thank You... 

    Kat V
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    08/07/2018 8:47 AM
    All our grants share a cost center, so I ended up giving the grants a req loc per grant. Among other things, it let me route as needed.

    But yes, the GL Code and Activity are available as variables, so you should be able to add them to the flow and assign them. You would likely want it to check it before req loc - does this have activity? Yes, follow branch A. No go to Branch B: Normal Req Loc Routing.

    That would let you do whatever you need to with a completely separate dollar hierarchy in the flow.
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