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In this installment of our Lawson Design Studio article series, we will explore some features of the UI Designer.  Read More..

dtaylor10created the topic: Setting Up and Using Two Perpetual Inventory Locations

The Pandemic has forced my store room into a secondary location. How do I set this up so Lawson can help with inventory tracking and control?

15 hours ago

dtaylor10replied to: RE: MSCM Dock Logging - Freight Deliveries

Hi Den, On most of my freight deliveries there are barcodes listing the tracking information or a bill of lading that has a specific number attached ...

15 hours ago

Michelle Wetzelreplied to: RE: Requisitions from one warehouse to another

Question along these lines. We have a warehouse (RICH) that is in a different GL company. I need to set up some of the items to pull from our main war...

20 hours ago

Debrareplied to: RE: Terminating Pflow after a certain amount of time

I will try that and let you know.

1 day ago

Kristie Starzykcreated the topic: Lump Sum Payments

Does anyone issue lump sum payments to employees who are over their maximum pay range in lieu of a salary increase which would push them even mor...

1 day ago

JonAcreated the topic: Barcoding delivery of stock orders

We are getting some complaints from departments that they're not getting their supplies and we don't know if the problem is with the picking o...

1 day ago

lvlawsoncreated the topic: Quarterly Payment Terms

Proxy terms - every three months

2 days ago

Ragu Raghavanreplied to: RE: Terminating Pflow after a certain amount of time

You could have another flow, that runs daily, checks for active WorkUnits filtered for a certain Process, check if start_date is > 4 days and do a LM ...

3 days ago

Debracreated the topic: Terminating Pflow after a certain amount of time

Need to be able to terminate a process flow if it doesn't complete within a certain amount of time

3 days ago

pglibrareplied to: RE: PO25 Pricing tab

You are correct!!!

Thank you very much.

5 days ago

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