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John Henleyreplied to: RE: Lawson 10.1 PO20.1 Comment Upload

Hi Jon. I'll start by saying what you're trying to do can't be done with the "normal" upload wizard. Comments are stored in extra tables that are rela...

7 hours ago

Jon Screated the topic: Lawson 10.1 PO20.1 Comment Upload

I am wanting to upload unique comments to POs made using a PO20.1 upload.

17 hours ago

Gary Padgettcreated the topic: Lawson S3 admin/developer

I am a Lawson S3 systems administrator with over 20 years' experience in all facets of S3 administration, as well as 4GL/COBOL programming and IPA...

1 day ago

JonAreplied to: RE: ED40 List Names

The Lawson Value is you tpid for that vendor.

4 days ago

Bill Brennenstuhlreplied to: RE: ED40 List Names

Yep, tried O_COUNTRY_CODE and O_COUNTRYCODE and no luck. Not sure how the L1 option works, how does it know what vendor to use it for? This is all l...

4 days ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: ED40 List Names

The only place I've seen Infor provide the potential list names was in their EDI Trading Partner lists. But I don't have anything recent and I don't s...

4 days ago

JonAreplied to: RE: ED40 List Names

I've not seen a substitution table entry for the country code. We don't populate the country code in IC02 but since you do you could just add US to t...

4 days ago

Bill Brennenstuhlcreated the topic: ED40 List Names

List Name Options

4 days ago

Randyreplied to: RE: IPA and AP05.3

John Henley - Thats exactly what I ended up doing, however had to get a little fancy. Records live in a SQL DB, 1 Table, 1 row = HDR and Detail data. ...

1 week ago

John Henleyreplied to: RE: IPA and AP05.3

For header/detail forms, I find the easiest thing to do is start with the ADD for the header, and then add the lines using a CHG but with a Line FC = ...

1 week ago

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