PA52 - Reverse an action.

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    Hello Everyone,


    I recently joined the company and I am new to Lawson and I am having this issue that i cant reverse the termination action. I have entered the wrong date of terminationa and terminated employee. Now, I am going back to PA52 and tried to revers an action but I am getting this error which says Cant reverse, No histrory existed. What are the other ways I can chage the termination date? 

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      You can fix this various ways. The best way is to go back to the action that technically would have updated the field that the reversal is telling you their is no history for. Lets say its the termination date. Using PA54, pull up the HIRE or whatever your EOD action is. Add field number 27 with no value in the field, us the function code of 'A' and hit change. This will create an instance in history that the date was initialized with the HIRE action. Because that instance now exists, the reversal has a value for that field that is prior to the reversal and PA52 will blank out the termination date. Hope that helps.