Adding lines to IC81

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Bev Edwards
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    I see the selections under the function code, but I'm not sure how to use the Insert function so that I can place an item exactly where I need it to be.

    Up until now, I typically run a query to pull the IC81, delete it from Lawson, modify the file and then use the Add In to put it back. I'm thinking there has to be an easier way, since we have items that change frequently.




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      Hi Bev. In IC81.1, if you wanted to add 1 line, you would choose "1 Insert (1) Lines" from the FC drop down menu in the decired sequence of your par loc and then choose Actions > 1 Insert from the menu bar. For example, if you had a par loc that has 10 lines (sequence number run from 1-10) and you wanted to to add a line between 2 and 3, follow the above procedure on sequence line number 3 and a new line will be added to your par loc. Hope this helps.
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        Hi Bev, 

        Can you please share your Addin query on IC81 with me 

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          Did you get an upload map file for IC81?

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