Sharepoint Integration with Portal

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Kevin G
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    We are looking at how we might use Sharepoint as our starting point for delivering web content to our users, but are wondering how Lawson Portal would figure into the big picture.  One consultant suggested that we look at using Lawson as a launch point but Portal seems restrictive from a development standpoint so we're looking for thoughts on how to best do this, ideally with single sign on.
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      Did you ever get a solution for your CM integration with lawson Process flow? I have a situation where I would like users to submit a form from SharedPoint, triggering a lawson Process Flow from the Submit Click event. The idea is to keep the atatchment s in SharedPoint.

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        I need to know How are we going to Integrate SharePoint with Lawson Portal and From where I can get the setup.
        Kwane McNeal
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          This topic is 2 years old, and has seen no activity in a year prior to your post. Much has changed since even that last post, such as the release of Infor Lawson LSF/S3 10, which includes SharePoint Integration.

          I would invite you to browse the forums for Lawson S3 10, as much has been posted on how the SharePoint integration is accomplished and works.

          John Henley
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            Upgrading to Lawson/Infor 10 will add Infor Workspace, which is installed within SharePoint.
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              Thanks John.

              I browse the forum for Lawson S3 10 for SharePoint Integration. But I did not find any such help from there. Also I try to get some help in Infor Workspace for which SharePoint is must. Can you please let me know from where i can get the Infor Workspace and What other S/W are required to start up with SP Integration with Lawson portal (Infor Workspace).

              Jimmy Chiu
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                You will need to contact your infor account executive. I assume you are currently on LSF9. Your Infor AE will send you a $0 charge license addendum which you have to sign for this new product (Infor Workspace). Then they will add Infor workspace in your product download page. You can also download the free version of Sharepoint from Microsoft if your organization does not own the paid version.