Excel crashing after exiting Query Wizard and Upload Wizard.

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    I have two users whose Excel 365 client (64-bit) crashes whenever they exit the Query and Upload Wizards.

    After exiting either wizard, Excel immediately closes / crashes.  When they reopens Excel, they get that menu to recover what they were last working on.


    I've tried uninstalling the Office suite and Lawson add-ins, updating Windows and re-installing the Lawson add-ins.  That did not resolve the issue for either user.

    Kat V

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      I've had this. It has been blamed on:
      * some sort of partitioning in windows not allowing me to run the 64-bit version of Excel
      * Excel version not compatible with the version of Add-Ins
      * Not enough RAM

      There's another I'm forgetting but it came down to getting the onsite IT support on the phone with our Lawson IT Support.