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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 4: Streamlining a Form

In this installment of our Lawson Design Studio article series, we will explore some features of the UI Designer.  Read More..

weeoooohhhhreplied to: RE: Effective Date in a flow/form

Thanks David! Was hoping it would be easier than that but I had a feeling that is where it might have been buried. Def sounds like I will need t...

2 days ago

David Williamsreplied to: RE: Effective Date in a flow/form

If you're talking about an Action Request in GHR, the field values are stored in the ActionRequest business class in the ParameterView field. It's XML...

2 days ago

weeoooohhhhcreated the topic: Effective Date in a flow/form

I need to pick up the Effective Date variable from the form

2 days ago

Steph76replied to: RE: XML Node parse and assign

Thanks. I was overcomplicating it. I didn't need the XML Node.

2 days ago

David Williamsreplied to: RE: XML Node parse and assign

Replace the dash - with an underscore _

2 days ago

Steph76created the topic: XML Node parse and assign

I need to create a PF to update the date fields for a job. I have a Lawson Transaction Node to Inquire on the job and an XML Node to parse the...

2 days ago

RJSreplied to: RE: Perf Mgmt - Submit to Employee Error

I have found the issue. The rating scale was set with the high score equal to the low score. So in this case unless an employee scored exactly 1.0, 2....

5 days ago

RJScreated the topic: Perf Mgmt - Submit to Employee Error

Submit to Employee Error- Overall Rating Required in Summary Section

5 days ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: Mobile Receiving

Infor has an app version of MSCM what uses a smartphone camera to scan. It's very similar to RAD from what I've seen but I've admittedly not looked t...

6 days ago

Greg Moellercreated the topic: Lawson Fax Integrator


6 days ago

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