Worthwhile Reading
What most CIOs get wrong about strategic IT plans

Calling a plan ‘strategic’ doesn’t make it so. Instead, zero in on the purpose of each layer of your plan to build more effective vision, mission, and focus.
CIO, May 14, 2024

When the Cloud is the Problem, Not the Answer
Taking cloud costs into consideration, more businesses today are adopting a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy to leverage the benefits of different deployment models for different parts of their applications.

Information Week, January 29, 2024
The hidden high cost of return-to-office mandates

If you force employees to commute and work in an office every day, you can expect to lose your best employees.
Computerworld, February 19, 2024

Quick Study: The Evolving Roles of CIOs and IT Leaders

Here’s a curated collection of articles that looks at the many hats IT leaders are wearing today.
Information Week, October 11, 2023

Why your best IT managers quit

Understanding the chief reasons top managers leave is critical for CIOs seeking to develop and retain high-performing teams. Compensation aside, leadership, culture, and stagnation top the list.
CIO, March 4, 2024

The end of non-compete agreements is a tech job earthquake

The FTC ruled this week that companies can no longer use non-compete agreements to stop workers from moving from one job to another — and businesses are having fits.
Computerworld, April 25, 2024

Becoming a Disruptive IT Leader Without Alienating Staff and Colleagues
Everybody loves tech visionaries, at least until they begin launching impossible strategies and making absurd demands. That’s why it’s important to know that even disruption has limitations.

Information Week, December 12, 2023
8 data strategy mistakes to avoid
Achieving data-driven success is challenging enough without the following common strategic and tactical missteps and misjudgments that can derail data operations and outcomes.

CIO, January 24, 2024
How — and why — to upskill your employees

Expanding your workers’ tech skills increases their engagement and performance while boosting the company’s innovation and competitiveness.
Computerworld, February 6, 2024

Quick Study: Security and the Cloud

Cloud presents new security challenges regularly. This collection of articles from the past year includes expert advice and experiences from peers on how to create an effective enterprise cloud strategy.
Information Week, July 17, 2023