Worthwhile Reading
When a Few Hundred Thousand Lives Depend on IT
Eversource Energy CIO Kathy Kountze shares her perspective on IT's role when weather knocks out heat and electricity for many thousands of New England neighbors.

Information Week, August 27, 2019
8 simple ways to clean data with Excel
Data is rarely properly formatted and structured when you import it. Try these eight tips for fast data cleanup in Microsoft Excel.

Computerworld, September 16, 2019
Making 'people time' a mandatory part of every tech investment
Organizations will better experience the ROI they are seeking by providing employees with the time and resources necessary to learn new technology solutions and being strategic in how they do it.
Information Management, April 26, 2019
Four Things Modern CIOs Need to Know
Chief information officers stand at the forefront of how companies make and adapt to technological change. Here are four takeaways from the MIT CIO Symposium that they should keep in mind.
InformationWeek, June 10, 2019
Analytics tools becoming key to HR management
HR analytics can help with a number of functions, such as pinpointing areas within an organization with the highest employee turnover.
Benefits Pro, July 17, 2019
How CISOs become business leaders
Security leaders need to master marketing, HR, business lingo and more to really help lead their organizations, says William Hill’s group CISO.
CSO Online, July 11, 2019
Must Have IT Skills You Need to Remain Competitive
Engineers, developers, and IT managers might want to consider training on these skill sets to keep themselves invaluable to their organizations.
Information Week, June 3, 2019
How to use Excel as a data visualization tool
Microsoft Excel has more dataviz capabilities than you may realize. Find out how to make your data stand out with charts, PivotTables, sparklines, slicers and more.
Computerworld, May 30, 2019
12 ways AI will revolutionize healthcare in the next year
Expectations are high for the impact that artificial intelligence can play in healthcare, but most experts admit that the industry is still early in the process of researching one-off uses for AI in healthcare settings. Still, many predict that many opportunities will soon emerge to take full advantage of advanced computing technologies.
Information Management, May 13, 2019
7 tips for getting out of a bad vendor contract
When a seemingly sweet deal turns sour, it's time to prepare an exit strategy. Here’s how to preserve essential business operations, your vendor relationship and your job.
CIO, June 13, 2019