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Cost per Hire: What It Is, Why Use It, and How to Calculate It
Cost per Hire: What It Is, Why Use It, and How to Calculate It
HCMI, April 2021
Time to Shift Your Job Search Out of Neutral
Just holding onto the job you had was what most people wanted to do a year ago. But the allure of higher salaries may be wooing some IT pros to greener pastures.
Information Week, March 31, 2021
Don’t migrate your problems to the cloud

Many look to cloud computing as the way to fix issues with data and systems, but migrating an existing problem may not be in your best interest.
Inforworld, May 14, 2021

How CIOs Can Recruit More Women into IT

Studies show that gender diversity improves profits, revenue growth, stock price performance, and more. Yet women make up only 31% of IT organizations.
Information Week, March 9, 2021

Employee Turnover Cost: What It Is, How to Calculate It and How to Use It
Employee turnover is expensive.
HCMI, March, 2021
7 IT hiring trends for 2021

COVID-19 sparked immediate change in the technology industry — and businesses have overhauled how they recruit, hire, and retain IT talent as a result.
CIO, April 23, 2021

What’s Ahead for HR Technology in 2021

Focus on remote work, workforce management and employee mental health
SHRM, January 5, 2021

How CDOs Can Build Insight-Driven Organizations

Chief data officers must focus on listening to their peers in the business, delivering iterative value, and promoting their successes.
Information Week, January 15, 2021

7 management books every CIO must read
Keeping pace with evolving management concepts and practices is as important as monitoring the latest IT trends. These seven books will ensure that your business management skills keep pace with your IT knowledge.
CIO, April 1, 2021
11 trends that will shape HR in 2021
Gartner’s Brian Kropp says 2021 will be another year full of reinvention.
HR Executive, December 15, 2020