Manager of IT Admins Systems Team (Phoenix)

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    Come Join us at Phoenix Children's Hospital (yeah I know its not the time of the year that anyone wants to move to Phoenix but the winter is fantastic).  I joined the team in 2015 in this exact position (Manager of IT Administrative Systems) when I gave up the consulting world and couldn't be happier.  Currently on Lawson 10 (will start a full RFQ/FRP type review of ERPs in 2025 to select our new future state with that transition to start in 2026 most likely).  Currently undergoing upgrade from Kronos Workforce to UKG Dimensions (new Kronos).  Would love an experienced leader in either Kronos or Lawson to come lead the team.  More details can be found by searching "manager" at or reach out to me directly.  Salary plus Benefits in the 100-150K range depending on experience.  Lead a team of 8 (2 Lawson resources, 2 Kronos resources and 4 other misc apps analysts).  The team supports basically all non-clinical apps at the hospital (business/backoffice apps).  Look forward to hearing from you!