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    We have a custom Cobol program ZU200 that creates a .csv file which is sent to an outside vendor.

    It uses the 800-OPENOUTPUTCSV-CDR to open the file and PERFORM 800-WRITECSV-CDR to write the file.

    I need to add 2 new fields to the .csv file, basically adding them to the end of the file. I would have thought that the file layout for the .csv file would be in the WORKING STORAGE section, but that is not the case. So, I'm not sure how the program knows what the layout is.

    When I compile the program, I get the following errors...

    Processing PgmInfo Request ...

    bismark  HSFPROD ZU ZU200

    Processing /LAWSON/lsfenv1/law/hsfprod/zusrc/ZU200.rpt

      Created RptMap: ZU200 and Archive RptMap: ZU200.1594908694.rmp

      Created rd File: /LAWSON/lsfenv1/law/hsfprod/zusrc/ZU200.rd

    Syntax Check   /LAWSON/lsfenv1/law/hsfprod/zusrc/ZU200WS

    Syntax Check   /LAWSON/lsfenv1/law/hsfprod/zusrc/ZU200PD

    Building Int From ZU200PD, ZU200WS, ZU200SD, ZU200.rd, wslibs & workfiles

    Building /LAWSON/lsfenv1/law/hsfprod/sdlib/ZU200SD

    Build Of Int Complete For ZU200

    Error - CDR-HOME-ACCT-UNIT Not Defined In Specified WS

    Error - CDR-HOME-ACCT-UNIT-DESC Not Defined In Specified WS

    Error - RdPgmInt Failed For hsfprod zu ZU200

            Fix The Errors In ZU200 And Try Again

    /LAWSON/lsfenv1/gen/bin/lawbsh: Error Encountered In Execution


    So, my QUESTION is:    where is this .csv file described so that I can add it to that WS section?

    Ragu Raghavan
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      should be defined in workdef
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        thanks so much!
        being new to this, I didn't know anything about WORKDEF.