Bad links on Guru Newsletter and Search terms

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Brian Allen
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    The past couple of newsletters has bad links so not sure if something is going on with the posting methods.

    Example: clicking the following topic link goes to an ISD post.

    LPL INSTR Functions

    I'm writing a simple report using the Create Report function in Infor Cloudsuite. I'm needing a column on the report that simply lets me know if the information in one field exists in another field and return true or false. I've tried a number of things in the Add Compute field, and nothing seems to work. I've looked at LPL documentation and seen references to INSTR and a number of different string functions such as StringContains and none of them seem to work. Read More


    Digging around I was able to find the post. Seems odd that seaching for key words like INSTR in the search yields no results.


    John Henley
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      I'm sorry about the incorrect links in the LawsonGuru Letters, and those have been corrected going forward. If anyone wants to review past issues, please use this page:

      Regarding searching, you can search either the entire site (which uses Google Search), and searching for "INSTR":

      Or you can use the Search built into the Forums:



      Thanks for using the forums!