Help needed! ADDins - are all key fields required on the spreadsheet?

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    I am trying to create an add-in for GL25.1 (I know very little about Add-ins) and was reading the Lawson documentation that states to use the .scr file (the $TRANS section) to show the required fields.  So I checked that .scr file, but there are 6 keys on this table (GLINTCO) and only 2 of those key fields are shown in the $TRANS section. 


    This is from the documenation:


    The $TRANS section of the .scr file contains a list of all fields on a form, the type of data required, and whether the field is required. Codes that indicate whether the field is required include the following:

    SK Screen Key field. Always required for upload

    SR Screen Required field. Always required for upload

    LR Line required field. Always required for upload

    LF Line function code. Always required for upload

    SN May be required for upload

    LN May be required for upload


    I can't wrap my head around not putting the key fields in as well.

    Does that mean that those fields are required IN ADDITION TO ALL KEY FIELDS?

    Ragu Raghavan

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      I would try to enter the data on the screen manually. That will give a good idea of what fields are required and what defaults.