Lawson 10.1 PO20.1 Comment Upload

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Jon S

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    Hi y'all,


    I have recently built an upload for some pretty repetitive POs that I make regularly, and I've ran into an issue.

    Currently, we add a trailer comment to each of these POs that is unique to each PO, which means comment codes can't be used.

    I was wondering if anyone knew where in the upload wizard I could find the PO comments? I know that they are stored seperatly and merely linked to the PO, but for the life of me I have not been able to find where that is in the upload wizard interface. I know that one of the self-contained worksheets can access the comments, but I couldn't understand the VBA enough to understand how it accomplished that.

    I've considered using temporary comment codes, but once again I can't find where the text of the actual comments are in the upload wizard.

    Anyone have any hints or advice on this, or is my best bet to just manually add the comments before releasing them manually?

    John Henley

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      Hi Jon. I'll start by saying what you're trying to do can't be done with the "normal" upload wizard. Comments are stored in extra tables that are related to the primary tables. With the upload wizard you are only uploading against forms. If you want to get more understanding of how attachments work in Lawson, see:

      As for using the "self-contained" workbooks, they can take some work to get installed and configured, because they are very specific to certain versions, but they are powerful. In the case of the PO comments workbooks, they do use some Lawson APIs (getattach/writeattach) that work with comments and add them using Lawson-supported logic.
      Thanks for using the forums!