VBA code to launch lawson add-in 10.0.7

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    Anybody knows the code to launch the Lawson add-in 10.0.7 from Excel?


    We used to be able to run it in the older version because we can see it in the VBA editor, but with the new version (VSTO), we could not see the code anymore and don't know how to call it.


    Your help is appreciated. Thanks.




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      I would love to know this as well.  We need be able to call the Lawson Upload Wizard via a VBA module within Excel, rather than through the Add-Ins tab.

      John Henley

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        You cannot control add-ins from VBA/macros. Don Peterson from Lawson/Infor has created some "self contained workbooks" that are available on the Infor/Lawson support site that use VBA code to connect to Lawson for authentication, and make AGS/Transaction calls (which is what the add-ins do under the hood). Somewhat intimidating for someone not comfortable with VBA and HTTP, but very powerful There are several installation dependencies, etc. that he documents in his very detailed instructions.
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