EDI, Sub Table, Convert Zero Quantity ASN's

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    Hello Everyone,

    We are currently using EDI ASN 's from our primary distributor for auto receipt.
    The distributor is currently sending zero quantity lines, which generate a receipt header and no lines. This then causes future receipt issues against follow up shipments on that PO.

    My question is, can we manage this within Infor, perhaps a sub table entry? Or is this simply a matter of telling the Vendor to stop sending zero quantity lines?

    The zero quantity line does provide benefit in GHX as it shows a definitive "we aren't sending this" history. Whereas asking them to no longer send zero quantity will default our assumptions to cancel line status. It creates a gray zone of assumption I'd prefer to avoid.

    Any knowledge in this area would be greatly appreciated. If you have other questions or potential paths/process, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
    Kat V
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      We're having an additional error where it is doubling the quantity of the line before it. Example line 1 order 5, shipping 5. Line 2 order 1 shipping 0. Line 3 order 6 shipping 4.

      What we're getting is an unreleased receipt with:
      Line 0 qty 4
      Line 1 qty 10
      Line 3 qty 4

      It's maddening. We have asked Cardinal to suppress the 0 qty and they do for a month and then it starts up again.