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Last Post 10/01/2020 2:06 PM by  Kidd Kasper
Spousal Surcharge - Medical Insurance
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Kristie Starzyk
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Rush-Copley Medical Center
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09/09/2020 12:19 PM

    Has anyone recently implemented a spousal surcharge in Employee Self Service Benefits Enrollments?  I know there is a Spouse Flag on HR11 for medical insurance.  I wasn't sure if anyone knew how to tie it to enrollments easily, or if it's something that needs a new HTML page.

    Kidd Kasper
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    10/01/2020 2:06 PM

    Hi Kristie,

    We've had this kind of thing setup for quite some time. We are on Lawson 10.x and give employees the option to indicate if their spouse it eligible for insurance elsewhere at the time of new hire or through open enrollment.

    1. We have a Design Studio form based on HR11 to collect various pieces of information including the question "Is your spouse eligible for insurance through their employer?" The answer to that question is tied to the Health Coverage flag on the Ben Flags tab of HR11.
    2. That field is then used as a criteria in two different Employee Groups on HR55.3. If they answered Y to the question, they're included in the group designated to include the spousal surcharge. If they answered N, then they're included in the group that is designated to not include the spousal surcharge.
    3. We create two Options Amount (BN18.1) records for the Health plan (BN15), one for the spousal surcharge group, the other for the non-spousal surcharge group.
    4. The Options Rates (BN19.1) are then setup to either include or not include the surcharge based on the employee group.

    Hope this helps,

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